What is the best way to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is a pervasive problem that bothers a lot of people. It is estimated that almost one-third of people worldwide are losing 150+ hair strands per day. Although there are many hair care products on the market that claim to prevent hair loss quickly, very few of them deliver visible results.

Preventing hair loss begins at home, and nature has the power to stop hair loss better than harmful chemical-based products. Here are some natural remedies to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Eating a diet rich in raw food can significantly reduce hair fall and baldness. Your diet should consist of 70% fresh, raw food in its natural state and 30% cooked food.

Nutrients like Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Biotin, and Zinc act as major building blocks for the protein Keratin, which forms the hair follicles. A nutrient-rich diet makes hair naturally strong and healthy.

Accurate hair care can protect your hair from hair loss. Wash your hair two-three times a week with a mild shampoo to keep your scalp clean and healthy. Avoid rubbing or jerking off wet hair with the towel as it weakens them from roots. Using a conditioner will keep them tangle-free and thus, less breakage.

Oiling plays a critical role in stopping hair loss. Mystiq Living’s Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil is a surefire remedy for hair loss. It is enriched with the goodness of Bhringraj, Sesame, Manjishtha, Lodh, Nagkeshar, Haldi, and other hair-friendly Ayurvedic herbs. These herbs not only help to stop hair loss, but also promote healthy hair growth with improved texture. Massage your scalp for 10 minutes with lukewarm oil and leave it overnight.

Avoid hot appliances, permanent hair straightening (Rebonding), or keratin treatment, as they can aggravate hair fall. It is wise to stay away from harsh chemical treatments and hot styling tools.

Essential oils can also reduce hair loss. Mix 5 drops of anti-hairfall essential oil with one tablespoon of cold-pressed single ingredient carrier oil. Massage the scalp and leave it for 30-60 minutes before washing.

Raw onion juice can cure hair fall or baldness in men and women. If extracting fresh onion juice is not an easy task for you, consider buying organic cold-pressed Kalonji oil. Its high sulfur content promotes hair growth and restores lost nutrients to your scalp.

Certain yoga poses increase blood circulation to the head, leading to reduced hair loss, and meditation reduces hair fall due to stress.

Physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day can help you stop hair fall due to hormonal imbalance. Drinking alcohol and smoking causes hindrance in proper blood flow to the scalp, thus reducing new hair growth. Eliminating these habits will give visible results.

Wearing a cotton scarf or headband under the helmet can help reduce sweating and hair loss.

Green tea has been observed to control hair fall and promote hair growth. Apply brewed and cooled down green tea on your scalp and wash after 60-90 minutes.

Along with these remedies, using natural hair care products like Restolin or Provillus that contain a blend of natural ingredients can be helpful in preventing hair loss. These products have been formulated to combat hair loss and promote hair regrowth. So, if you’re looking to prevent hair loss, try these natural remedies and natural hair care products to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Michael Davis is a hair care expert with years of experience and knowledge in the field of hair care. He understands issues related to hair health, including how to prevent hair loss, scalp care, and hair strengthening techniques.

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