Severe male hair loss, approaching baldness? These 6 methods may “save” you.

As people’s life stress increases, the number of people experiencing hair loss is increasing. Not only is hair loss a common phenomenon for female friends, but it is also prevalent among men. In reality, we often see middle-aged balding men. Male hair loss is harmful not only because it indicates serious physical problems but also because it negatively affects one’s external appearance.

What should men do about hair loss?

1. Avoid excessive damage.

We know that frequent dyeing, perming, and hair drying can cause significant damage to the hair. Specifically, hair dye and perm solutions have a considerable effect on hair and frequent use can make the hair lose its shine and elasticity, even becoming dry and yellow over time, leading to significant hair loss. Therefore, to maintain healthy hair, we should try to avoid dyeing and perming.

2. Change the direction of hair combing.

If the direction of hair remains unchanged for an extended amount of time, the section of hair parting will be exposed to sunlight, which may cause dryness and thinning. At this point, using some hair cream or oil to massage the scalp can effectively moisturize it, while also changing the section’s direction. This not only imbues the hair with different styles, but it also prevents the section from being dry frequently and, consequently, prevents baldness.

3. Pay attention to nutritional supplements.

At ordinary times, we should eat more foods that are rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, which are essential for hair and have high-quality protein, such as fish, chicken, soybeans and lean meat, as well as eat spinach, bananas, asparagus, and pig’s liver rich in vitamins b2 and b6. Pig liver can also help protect hair.

4. Black beans treatment.

Frequent consumption of black beans can prevent hair loss. First, cook the black beans with water, then add some fine salt to a porcelain bottle and take it twice a day after meals to treat hair loss.

5. Choose suitable shampoo.

When choosing shampoo, it is essential to choose weakly acidic shampoo to avoid shampoo with excessively strong alkalinity, as it only causes greater irritation to the scalp. Additionally, you should choose hair care products that can strengthen the scalp and hair follicles, preferably through professional salon treatments. When washing your hair, massage your scalp to promote blood circulation and relieve tension.

6. Maintain a good mood.

Many men experience hair loss due to excessive stress and psychological pressure. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a joyful mood, ensure adequate sleep time, and use warm water to soak your feet before going to bed, which is also beneficial for hair care. Male hair loss is mainly caused by recent excessive stress, so it is essential to learn to relax and schedule one’s daily routine, balancing work and rest, while participating in sports that suit one’s taste to relieve psychological pressure and enhance immunity, thereby effectively alleviating hair loss.

Michael Davis is a hair care expert with years of experience and knowledge in the field of hair care. He understands issues related to hair health, including how to prevent hair loss, scalp care, and hair strengthening techniques.

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