Serious Hair Loss! Tips on How to Make Your Hair Grow Fast and Healthy

Many people who suffer from hair loss are constantly looking for ways to make their hair grow back fast and healthy. Today we will talk about methods to stimulate faster hair growth after hair loss. You can try these tips and potentially control or reverse hair loss.

Around me, some friends are experiencing hair loss, and others are worried about how much hair they have. They have a lot of hair which can be troublesome to manage, so they frequently consider trimming their hair to make it easier. In comparing my friends, I have noticed some similarities and differences.

To help hair grow fast and healthy, there are a few conditions:

1. Good health and a healthy scalp
Most of the friends, whose hair is in good condition, are physically fit – some of them were even athletes when they were young. They have good metabolism and are able to eat and sleep well. Some have oily skin on their faces but this has not been found to be related to hair loss. They maintain their scalp and hair hygiene by washing their hair twice a week, and this has not changed.

2. Well-rounded diet
Regardless of their gender, these friends have good appetites and enjoy eating. They are also strange in that they don’t seem to gain weight easily despite eating a lot. They exercise regularly, just like the woman I mentioned earlier who did over 100 sit-ups a day during her confinement period after giving birth, and now has an enviable physique like a young girl. This shows that exercising can increase blood flow, improve blood circulation, and microcirculation, which can also help to boost hair growth.

3. A relaxed mindset
Friends with good hair share the commonalities of having a relaxed mindset and being less fussy. They sleep well, with most of them falling asleep easily when they lie down. They tend to be easy-going and pay less attention to their hair loss. They eat, drink and sleep well and after a period of time, they discover that their hair has grown back. They seldom do too much to their hair, such as excessive hair treatments or styling, which could potentially undermine hair growth. Some friends with severe hair loss, who wash their hair every morning, even use a hairdryer in the morning before heading out, causing their hair to thin faster.

By examining hair loss and hair growth, we can see that the scalp system has its temperature, humidity, acidity and alkalinity preferences, like plants, and once we can meet those preferences, we can help hair grow better. Typically, there are three conditions where hair can grow well:

1. External scalp environment
Start with a healthy external environment that factors in temperature, humidity, skin cleanliness, etc.

2. Nutritional scalp environment
Cell growth requires adequate nutrition. Hair needs over 40 different vitamins and nutrients for growth, mainly from blood circulation. Therefore, the body must store enough nutrients to meet hair growth needs. If hair loss is serious or lasting, additional nutritional supplements may be required. In this case, a hair matrix nutritional solution can directly be applied to the scalp, which contains all the necessary elements for hair growth to improve scalp nutrition and enable faster hair growth. It is also important to eat a balanced and diverse diet, incorporating a variety of foods into your meals. Just like planting flowers, appropriate fertilization and nutrient supplementation can promote healthier and more vigorous growth.

3. Subcutaneous microcirculation environment
The microcirculation environment of the skin is also an essential factor in hair growth. The scalp has tiny blood vessels that are easily affected by external factors. As the scalp is unable to move, once a blockage occurs, it is difficult to clear. However, we can increase blood flow by participating in regular exercise or activities that increase blood pressure and flow. Scalp exercises that help circulate blood, such as headstands, yoga, and diving, can also be helpful. Traditional herbs such as safflower and chuanqiong can also be used to promote blood circulation.

The above tips are key to preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. It is essential to adapt your hair and fitness care habits to fit these key principles, otherwise, problems will persist. It is possible to restore hair growth by identifying issues and making changes. Gradual implementation and persistence in these changes will yield better results, and healthy hair growth is within reach.

Michael Davis is a hair care expert with years of experience and knowledge in the field of hair care. He understands issues related to hair health, including how to prevent hair loss, scalp care, and hair strengthening techniques.

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